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Acne – A Clean Face – Step 1 in a 12 Step Program  by: Rudy Silva

For those that need more than a special cream like Scotty’s Face Cream, then you need to work harder to get rid of acne. Since acne is a condition that occurs from within your body and exhibits on the outside of your body, you need to,

Attack acne from inside your body
Attack acne from outside your body

If your acne is not to severe, all you might need is a good cream and need only to follow a few steps in my 12 step program to get you past the periods where acne is active.

If your acne is more severe, than you may have to follow my 12-step program, since acne is an expression of your whole body system and is a reflection of what is going on inside your mind, cell structure and internal organs.

Acne is an excessive toxic condition within your body, which the internal elimination organs are unable to eliminate. So your toxins are moved into your blood and excreted through your skin. It is an automatic survival mechanism your body initiates in an effort to protect the insides of your body – cells, liquid, blood, organs, and tissues.

cleansing for acne

There are 12 areas that you need to look at:

Keep your face clean
Using Scotty’s acne face cream or your favorite face cream
Relive your constipation and the tree day liquid fast
Making changes to your diet
Get plenty of sun, air, and water
Vitamins you need to be taking
Minerals you should be taking
Special supplements to take
Herbal mixture to use or drink
Special detoxifying drinks or supplements to take
Brushing your skin
Change your attitude

Step 1: Keeping your face clean

If you use face cosmetics, you need to stop. Some cosmetics irritate the skin and can cause acne by plugging up your pores on your face. The cosmetics chemicals that can cause you the most skin and pore irritation and inflammation are:

mineral oil
propylene glycol

Look at the label of the cosmetics you use. You will find that many cosmetics, soaps, and sunscreens contain these chemicals.

Find a water base make up, not an oil base. Find one that does not irritate your face and use it sparingly

When you wash your face don’t use any commercial soaps since they are filled with chemicals that will irritate and worsen your acne condition. And don’t excessive wash your face as this will dry your skin of the natural protective oil. Also, don’t keep touching your face since you spread or add bacteria to it.

To wash your face use only,

Castile hand or liquid soap
Pure glycerin hand soap

You can pat your face with a clean hot face towel to bring circulation to your face and to help open and move the toxic material, in the pimple, to the surface. Do not scrub hard to burst a pimple but just scrub lightly to burst a pimple when it is ready to open.

Use the hot towel application only 2-3 times per week.

When a pimple is open do not continue to rub or scrub it. In fact do not pick or scratch an open pimple since this could create other sores or leave scars that are difficult to remove. Just washing your face with clean soap will keep your face free of toxic matter.

Keep in mind,

Whatever you put on your skin will move into your skin and into your bloodstream.

Most commercial creams, lotions, and soaps are filled with all kinds of chemicals that are toxic to your body. By using them you are making your liver work harder.

During the day or at night avoid resting your cheeks or chin on your hand(s) or arm(s). This can irritate your face and cause acne to breakout. When you sleep, try to sleep on your back and not with your face or side of the face into your pillow.

There you have it. Step 1, shows you how to keep your face clean to avoid getting acne or to help relieve acne.

About The Author

Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics and is a Natural Nutritionist. He is the author of Constipation, Acne, Hemorrhoid, and Fatty Acid ebooks. He writes a newsletter call ‘’ More acne hints and information on his acne e-book can be found at: http://www.acne-remedies.for–

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