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Laser: The Ultimate Acne Terminator?
 by: Kirsten Hawkins

Acne is really a big deal to anyone that suffers from it! It is major problem for almost all the teenagers, not only in this country, but also in all parts of the globe. Everyone wants to get rid of it! In fact, there is a wide variety of things that can actually help you cure it.

You can make a paste or mask from different kinds of plants and herbs or just buy non-prescription products on the nearest store.

However,You should know that these are just meant to handle mild to moderate acne problems. So, when these products and procedures are not working well for you, it is advisable to see and consult a doctor for advise.

There are really extreme cases when acne can’t be treated just by self medication. Your doctors can offer you a more potent drug, or he/she can suggest another good option – acne laser treatment. In our present day, technology is changing our world faster than we think! Through the advance of science, we can now take advantage of LASER technology further in medical operations.

Medical specialists say that undergoing acne LASER treatment is one of the most advance and, probably, the most effective treatment you can have to totally get rid of acne today. This amazing procedure will surely give hope to people who are greatly suffering with their acne.

We have already used LASER treatment on acne scarring successfully for years, but it is truly a breakthrough to be used in treating existing acne. The question now is how can acne LASER treatment actually cure acne? Is it safe and effective?

How can that be?acne laser treatments

Acne LASER Treatment is done by applying extreme thermal or heat effect on the sebaceous glands in order to damage it. Studies prove that the laser equipment used in the operation can actually do four treatments in one-month intervals. Statistics shows that 16 out of 17 patients got a 100% success on clearing the face.

Test through skin biopsy immediately afterwards the operations revealed that the sebaceous glands showed alterations caused by the induced heat, decreasing the production of oil. Immediate proofs that acne LASER treatment is taking a postive effect!

Two Types of LASER

In performing acne LASER treatments, doctors are actually using two types of LASERs. One type deal with the inhibition of the bacterial growth that causes skin problems, while the other is made to work with the sebaceous glands in order to reduce the production of oil in particular parts of the body especially the face.

Still Under investigation

Even if it already proved to be a success on totally eradicating your acne, doctors admitted that acne LASER Treatment is still under research to further study its short and long-time effects. Thus, it is still not available yet for widely use to everyone. The patients should also know that insurance is not covered in the acne LASER treatment and that not all states can distinguish who are and who are not allowed to perform operations using LASER.

Medical specialists also warn that procedures that require the use of LASER should be done by qualified physicians only. It is also suggested that you should ask for the qualification of the one that will do the operation before undergoing acne LASER treatment.

How many? for how long?

Your doctor might suggest that you undergo acne LASER Treatment for about 5 months, one treatment every month, in order to get satisfying results. However, if acne reappears, additional acne LASER treatment done periodically will be required.

How does it feel?

You might wonder how it feels undergoing the procedure. Well, most patients say that acne LASER treatment will give you a rubberband-like sensation during the operation. If ever you find this uncomfortable, you are given the choice to have topical anesthetic cream applied directly on your skin.

About The Author

Kirsten Hawkins is a freelance writer specializing in skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Visit for more information on acne and acne treatments.


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    A hair shaft inside a sebaceous gland make up what is known as a sebaceous follicle. While going through puberty, the skin cells lining these follicles shed more quickly than in past years. In those who experience acne the cells shed but stick together more than in those who don’t get acne. When these cells stick together this overabundance of sebum (oil) probably will end up plugging the follicle’s opening and because the sebaceous gland doesn’t stop producing its sebum the follicle simply swells up.’

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