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How To Get Rid Of Acne Without Scars

Acne is a bacterial infection that subcutaneous typically occurs in adolescence as we know, and that has multiple causes, including hormonal.

It begins with an excessive production of fat by the sebaceous glands, though this fact is not directly related to the excessive intake of fat. Rather, is due to hormonal or psychosomatic (sometimes associated with stress) that shoot all the action of the glands

It is true that once the acne process is under way certain foods can trigger the onset of shins. This association is not clear and is very specific to each individual. Each person should be tested and knowing your own body to learn how to affect his case in certain foods such as chocolate, the toxins contained in many packaged products such as crisps, etc … Yet we must be clear that the food itself or cause nor cure acne, you can simply activate or help combat it.

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The treatment of this disease of the skin may be hormonal, antibiotic or bactericide. There are many medications that treat this condition and some of them with some really serious side effects that must be taken into account before you begin. Our recommendation is to consult several specialists and read the prospectuses of medicines, which in some cases can irreversibly affect the liver.

For this reason, natural treatments, which eventually have a more decisive impact and are equally effective in any case, are the most recommended for treating acne.

Treatment with medications very aggressive, as well as having serious side effects sometimes have an effect that causes regrowth at the time it leaves the treatment may be a process appears more serious than attempted cure. The natural treatments are slower but have no effect this regrowth.


The aloe vera has ingested antibiotics and bactericidal effects that act especially in the skin. Its effects are visible during the first two weeks, however, in cases where the infection is deeply rooted in inner layers of the skin, may seem to be getting worse, because the infection goes out and there is an outbreak at times that which already existed.

The application of aloe gel on the grains and in turn is astringent disinfectant, so dry and cure the grain avoiding its deterioration.

It is important to the cleaning of the skin because it can spread the infection.

By: William D. Huston
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The best method is to try and control acne in the initial stages. Once it gets inflamed, it becomes difficult to prevent scarring.

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