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So how do you get rid of acne?  That question is asked by millions of people around the world every day.  The teenager worrying about that blemish the day before prom, the engineer worried about that spot on his nose the night before the big interview and the stay-at-home mom who just wants to look good.  Acne affects nearly everyone.  If you are suffering from acne (isn’t that why you’re here?), then you know the frustration of those spots!

Acne occurs primarily in teenagers but can affect anyone of any age, regardless of sex, heritage, wealth or habits.  It truly does not discriminate!

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The secret to getting rid of anything lies in finding out how it got there in the first place.  Unfortunately, there is not just one single cause of acne, but the mechanics of it is pretty simple.  Oil is produced to lubricate and protect the skin blocks your pore, allowing an infection to build up underneath.  The infection grows from a minor blemish to a blackhead, and it can happen very quickly.  What was clear skin at night can be a full blown pimple by morning!

Despite what the root cause might be the actual mechanics of how acne happens is always the same. Oil produced to naturally lubricate your skin and protect it can block skin pores and allow an infection to build up underneath this blockage. This infection grows from being a minor blemish to being a full blown spot or blackhead on your face very quickly (sometimes overnight).

Proper skin cleansing and care can also keep acne at bay.  Clean your skin a couple of times a day with a good antibacterial cleanser.  Be careful when choosing what type of cleansing product you use.  Cleaners containing alcohol can dry your skin and leave you with a whole different set of problems.

Good diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  Acne is similar to many health issues in that taking care of your body can be a great preventative.  Take it easy on the junk food and go for healthier eating habits; fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.  This will not only make your skin more beautiful, but can also give you healthier hair, a better figure and more energy.

So how do you get rid of acne?  First, don’t make it worse.  Don’t pick the acne or you run the risk of infection and scarring.  You will find this site full of good advice for dealing with the acne you might have and preventing that which you don’t.  Search around for the different methods of prevention which best suit your skin type and lifestyle.  You don’t have to live with it!


Get Rid Of Acne
Want to get rid of acne the natural way? It can be done. In fact, natural acne treatment is often more successful in the long and short term than taking medication.

Treating Acne
The dictionary defines acne as: “an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, characterized by comedones and pimples, esp. on the face, back, and chest, and, in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.”

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Dont scrub or use a rough cloth.Acne Scar Removal

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast
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